The Physiology Suite operates with the FlexComp, ProComp Infiniti, ProComp+, ProComp 5 and ProComp 2 encoders and many of the screens and scripts come in versions for one and for two monitor configurations.

This Suite takes full advantage of the latest functions and features of the powerful multimedia biofeedback software...

  • DVD movie control
  • Provides complete control over your entire clinical process
  • Assessment
  • Training
  • Reporting
  • Demonstrating outcomes

A full range of clinical tools
This suite includes all the display screens you need for:

  • Verifying signal quality and adjusting sensor placement
  • Monitoring and assessing physiological functions
  • Recording biofeedback training sessions
  • Reviewing recorded data for the purpose of artifact rejection
  • Generating session reports and demonstrating the learning curves

The Physiology Suite includes all the tools you need for multi-modality physiological assessments with over 80 display screens for training with standard physiological sensors including:

  • Heart Rate with EKG or Blood Volume Pulse (BVP),
  • Electromyography (EMG),
  • Skin Conductance
  • Temperature 
  • Respiration.

Physiology Suite features:

  • A skin-conductance driven relaxation script with audio induction track
  • A full range of heart rate variability training screens
  • Simple feedback screens with auto or manual thresholds
  • Single and dual-monitor display screens
  • Real-time epoch statistics for instant trend graphing

Standard physiology based protocols...

  • Relaxation with EMG, Temperature, Skin conductance
  • Heart Rate Variability with Respiration and EKG or BVP and abdominal/thoracic breathing.
  • The suite also features a full-length relaxation exercise script with a recorded audio track guiding the client through deep relaxation and progressive recovery.
  • Pre and Post-training baseline assessment scripts
  • 7-activity Stress Assessment script which takes the client through three cycles of stress induction and relaxation steps, including color words, math task and stressful event recall. Using the stress assessment script, you can rapidly identify any hyper- or hypo-reactivity in any of the recorded modalities.
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