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Compatible with iPhone 4S >, Andoroid or Tablet 4.3 > which support blue tooth low energy,iPad 3 >; including iPad Air and Mini.  Medical Grade Silicone; Latex & Rubber Free4 Levels (Beginner—Advanced), 5 minute workouts, 6 exercise programs:Strenth, Lift, Pulse, Hold, Speed and Step. Includes Carry Case, USB charger

Order # Elvie      $199.00

Peri with phone45273

The PeriCoach® System 

is an easy-to-use home device and app (FDA approved) designed to treat stress, mild-to-moderate urge and mixed urinary incontinence in women by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles through exercise. PeriCoach provides feedback via smartphone technology to help women and their clinicians manage and monitor a pelvic floor exercise program.  Prescription required from a Licensed Professional (P.T., O.T., R.N., D.O., PA-C, M.D.)

Item Number: PeriCoach                        Price: $249.00


kGoal by Minna Life

Exercise system for female pelvic floor muscles. kGoal senses as you squeeze your muscles, provides real-time biofeedback, and connects with the free kGoal app. (app not required for biofeedback) Includes USB and A/C adapter.
smartphone compatibility note: kGoal is compatible with both iOS and Android devices but does require Bluetooth 4.0 capability and iOS v8 or Android v4.3 or newer as the operating system. 

Item Number:kGoal                            Price: $149.00 

iease alone

iEase   Pneumatic Pelvic Muscle Trainer

Includes Flexible medical grade silicone vaginal sensor

Beeps to guide your exercise program: Contract - Relax
Two modes: Use alone or with an App

Item Number:iEase                                    Price: $81.95
Item Number: iEase Sensor  (only)            Price: $18.95

cropped essential_2

The Original Essential CrystalWandTM

The Crystal Wand's curved design and tapered end make this an essential tool for treating pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and pain. The elongated and rounded end of the Original Crystal Wand allows for easy handling by the therapist and patient. 
1 ea. with carrying pouch
10" X 7/8"
Item Number: CW-100                                Price: $33.49   

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cropped deluxe

The Deluxe Crystal WandTM

The Deluxe Crystal Wand's curved design is excellent for ease of use intravaginally or rectally to treat pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.
The design of the Premium Crystal Wand has also proven to be the ultimate tool for prostate massage.
 1 ea. with carrying pouch.

10" X 1/2" (The ball end is 7/8" diameter)

Item Number: CW-100D                              Price: $33.49

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Pelvic Therapies, Inc. 
TheraWand V-Wand

7/8" X 8"
High Quality Acrylic 

Item Number: V-Wand                                 Price: $33.95

3+ ordered at the same time     Price:32.95


Pelvic Therapies, Inc.
TheraWand LA-Wand

5/8" X 9" 
High Quality Acrylic

Item Number: LA-Wand                               Price: $33.95

3+ ordered at the same time            Price:$32.95

serenity 3-4

Serenity TMT / Pelvic Floor Massage Tool
Each Serenity Includes Fabric Drawstring storage pouch (8" X 3/4")                                

Item Number: Serenity 3/4                     Price: $29.99 


Serenity TMT / Pelvic Floor Massage Tool
Each Serenity Includes Fabric Drawstring storage pouch  (8" X 1/2")                                

Item Number: Serenity 1/2                      Price: $29.99 


MUI  Anorectal Expulsion Balloon Catheter      

Item Number: SR1B Price: $34.95
(Single-Use) Latex-Free








Syringe: Covidien Medical Monoject 60cc Luer Lock Syringe

Item Number: 16675                                 Price: $2.50


SRS Medical Vaginal Wts

SRS / Personalmed Medical Vaginal Weights
STEP FREETM Vaginal Weights


  • 5 interchangeable weights (20-70 grams)
  • One ABS Plastic shell (less than one inch in diameter and approximately two inches in length)
  • Easy to follow Instructions
  • Compact Case

Item Number: Step-Free                             Price: $54.95


Intimate Rose Vaginal Weights

Includes 6 progressive sizes: 
.9 oz, 1.4 oz, 2.1 oz.3 oz, 3.7 oz, 4.4 oz. (25g-125g). 
Medical grade silicone, BPA-Free, Hypoallergenic

Item Number:Rose         Price: $49.95


Neen Aquaflex Weighted Vaginal Cones

Includes 2 cones and a set of 4 weights:
5g, 10g, 2 x 20g, carrying case, instruction booklet and exercise guide.

Item Number:Aquaflex Price: $34.95 


Feminine Personal TrainerTM

Surgical Quality Stainless Steel
1/ea. Size: Petite (12 oz.), Small (12 oz.) Standard (16 oz.)

Item Number: FPT-100 (Specify Size)  Price: $74.95


Slippery StuffTM
Personal Lubricant - Water Based Glycerin-Free

Description       Price          Order No.
32  oz. Pump    $23.95        SG32GP
16  oz. Pump    $13.50        SG16GP
8    oz. Tube     $ 7.50         SG8GP
2.5 oz. Pkt        $35.00        PKTSGP (100/pkg.)
2.5 oz. Pkt        $31.50        PKTSGP-Q (Qty. Disc. >3 PKTSGP ordered)
4    oz. Tube     $ 3.75         M-SG4PT
1    oz. Bottle    $ 2.59         SG1GP
3cc "Pillows"      $31.50        PILSGP (100/pkg.)

CD Meditations for pelvic floor

Nari Clemons, PT

Nari Clemons has over 17 years experience as a physical therapist, with an exclusive focus on pelvic, hip, and abdominal disorders.
<span "="">Nari developed this CD as a way for her patients and students to grow their own meditation practices in a format that would help physical conditions, especially those dealing with the pelvis.

CD: Meditations for Pelvic Health 
Order #   CD-MFPH                                               Price: $12.50

Pelvic Floor Pulsator
Educator Pelvic Floor


 Item Number: PF-Pulsator                                        Price: $24.95          
   1 ea

Pelvic Floor EducatorTM

 Item Number: PFE                                                       Price: $28.95          
   1 ea

Phoenix Publishing

Roll for Control Ball Band

Roll for ControlTM Exercise Ball, Band and Clip
Phoenix Publishing

Item Number: 4012-03 (1 Set)                    Price: $14.95
Item Number: 4012-04 (5 Sets)                  Price: $39.95
Available in Latex Free - Item No. 4012-04          $15.95

Roll for Control Band

Roll for ControlTMExercise Band
Phoenix Publishing (1 ea.)

Item Number: 4012-1                                Price: $6.95
Available in Latex Free - Item No. 4012-09       $7.95

Roll for Control Ball

Roll for ContolTMExercise Ball

Phoenix Publishing (1 ea.) Latex Free

Item Number: 4012-02                            Price: $6.95

Beyond Kegels Clinic Kit

The Beyond Kegels Clinic KitTM
These items are also sold separately; See Below

Beyond Kegels Clinic KitTM

Phoenix Publishing; (1 ea.)

Everything you need to start a continence program in your clinic! Increase your referral base and more effectively treat current patients with this non-invasive treatment protocol for bladder and bowel dysfunction.  This clinic kit includes the Beyond Kegels, A Handbook for Selfcare and Treatment, Book 1; Roll for Control DVD, Ball and Band; the Physiological Quieting CD-Rom; Anatomy Teaching Aids; and Home Program Rx Pads.  Save $$ compared to purchasing these items separately.  Expand your horizons and your practice.

Item Number: 4010                                                                                                 Price: $120.00

Bladder Health Personal Kit

Bladder Health Personal Care KitTM

Phoenix Publishing; (1 ea.)  Includes: An easy-to-follow Beyond Kegels exercise plan, lifestyle changes, weekly diary, Physiological Quieting audiotape, ball and band, and Beyond Kegels book--everthing you need to successfully complete the program.

Item Number: 4011-01                           Price: $39.00
Qty Pricing: 5-9 $31.00    10-24 $29.00    25+ $24.00


Beyond KegelsTM Book 1
Fabulous Four Exercises and More 3rd Edition

Phoenix Publishing (1 ea.)

Item Number: 4004-02                        Price: $14.9
                  Qty Pricing: 10+ Price: $10.95

Physiological Quieting Audio CD

Physiological QuietingTM  Audio CD-ROM
Phoenix Publishing CD-ROM (1 ea.)

Item Number: 4002-02                                  Price: $15.00
Item Number 4002-300 Spanish Version   Price: $15.00

Beyond Kegels Exercises

Beyond KegelsTM Exercises for Bladder Health

Phoenix Publishing "Eight Step Guide to Eliminate Incontinence"  VHS (1 ea.)

Item Number 4003-00                               Price: $49.00

Roll for Control Exercies DVD

Roll for ControlTM Exercises for Back, Balance, Bladder & Bowel

Phoenix Publishing    DVD (1 ea.) Includes Exercise Ball and Band

Item Number 4003-08                             Price: $31.95

Roll for Control Bones etc DVD

Roll for ControlTM Bones, Bottoms & Balance

Phoenix Publishing   DVD (1 ea.)

Item Number 4003-05                             Price: $59.95

Pelvic Rotator Cuff DVD

Pelvic Rotator CuffTM in Human Functions and Movement

Phoenix Publishing    DVD (1 ea.)

Item Number: 4003-06                             Price: $89.95

Roll for Control 4003 04

Roll for ControlTM Exercises for Back, Balance, Bladder & Bowel

Phoenix Publishing    DVD (1 ea.)

Item Number: 4003-04                            Price: $24.95

Roll for Control 4003 02

Roll for ControlTM  Exercises for Back, Balance, Bladder & Bowel

Phoenix Publishing    VHS (1 ea.)

Item Number: 4003-02                             Price: $19.95

Anatomy Teaching Aids 4005 00

Anatomy Teaching Aids for Incontinence

Phoenix Publishing (1 ea.)

Item Number: 4005-00                             Price: $25.00

Beyond Kegels Home Pads 4006 01

Beyond KegelsTMHome Program Prescription Pads

Phoenix Publishing: Includes 200 sheets.  Each 8" x 11" handout includes illustrated exercises, lifestyle changes, and a weekly diary.  As part of a patient's permanent record the completed form provides evidence-based documentation.

Item Number: 4006-01                            Price: $19.95

Pelvic Pain Low Back Pain

Pelvic Pain and Low Back Pain

Phoenix Publishing Book (1 ea.)

Item Number:                                          Price: $29.95

Beyond Kegels 2nd Ed 4004 03

Beyond Kegels IITM2nd Edition

Phoenix Publishing (1 ea.)

Item Number: 4004-03                             Price: $89.95

Bladder Bowel Issues for Kids 4004 07

Bladder and Bowel Issues for Kids

Phoenix Publishing (1 ea.)

Item Number: 4004-07                            Price: $14.95

Solving Mystery of Pelvic Cuff 4004 12

Solving the Mystery of the Pelvic Rotator Cuff

Phoenix Publishing (1 ea.)

Item Number: 4004-12                            Price: $24.95

Geriatric Incontinence 4004 05

Geriatric Incontinence: A Behavioral & Exercise Approach to Treatment

Phoenix Publishing (1 ea.)

Item Number: 4004-04                             Price: $29.95

Regaining Bowl Bladder 4004 09

Regaining Bowel & Bladder Control after Cancer

Phoenix Publishing Booklet (1 ea.)

Item Number: 4004-09                              Price: $5.95

Live Love Exercise Men after 50

Life, Love and Exercise for Men after Fifty

Phoenix Publishing Booklet (1 ea.)

Item Number:                                             Price: $5.95

Personal Kit for Sleep 4011 03

The Personal Care Kit for Improved Sleep

The Personal Care Kit for Improved Sleep puts you in control of improving your sleep and energy throughout the day.  This comprehensive program is non-invasive and designed to improve sleep habits including the time it take to get to sleep, the length of time you sleep and the feelings of rest and energy felt when awakening.  This easy-to-follow program includes the booklet Sleep Do You Have Enough? And the CD Physiological Quieting -- everything you need to successfully complete the program.

Item Number: 4011-03
Qty: 1   Price $19.95                   Qty: 5-9   Price: $16.00
Qty: 10-24  Price: $15.00           Qty: 25+  Price: $12.99


Inflatable Wonder W'edge   (Assists gravity in aligning SI and spine)
Phoenix Publishing
17" X 17" X 7"
Item Number: 4014-05

Price: $31.95