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Telesis replaces the Synergy 3D program previously offered to interface
with the Pathway sEMG devices. See details below for the new features!
Item No. 9250
Price: $995.00
Software for the Pathway sEMG devices; see details below.
Item No. 9275
Price: $495.00

This new software offers the many of the features of Synergy 3D described above PLUS it will provide privacy and compliance features of existing and new HIPPA regulations;

· Password protection

· Different levels of program access

· Patient privacy identifiers and protection

· Audit management

· Telesis contains all of the same displays, applications and modified protocols that have been so popular with Synergy 3D Software.

Provides added features which can be attached to your document such as:

· Questionnaires, history, exams, related procedures, diagnostic codes, and plan of care.  

· Automatically produces your chart note and narrative based on your treatment session

  • Graphs, Summary and Detailed Reports (Detailed reports display individual Work / Rest Trial data) are available

· Documents and reports generated are all in a format for transference to electronic medical records (EMR).  

Features of Synergy 3D which are still offered Telesis

Opening Screen

  • Auto Calibration
  • System Diagnostics

Input Patient Information

  • Demographics
  • Bladder Control Diary
  • Intake questionaire                                                                                                                                                    

Evaluate, Assess and Treat  From a Single Screen

  • Default, Customized and Linked Application and Patient Protocols
  • 3-Dimensional Graphics, Templates and Animation Displays
  • Matrixed Audio Cues and Voice Prompts
  • Interactive Event Markers
  • Ongoing Statistics
  • Clinical Activated Data Collection


  • Summary and Detailed Statistics
  • Add, Adjust and Delete Event Markers
  • Graphic Zoom
  • Compare Sessions, Replay Sessions
  • Insert Clinical Notes, Demographics, Intake Questionnaire and Bladder Control Diary
  • Compare Bladder Control Diaries
  • Create and Edit Home Exercise Program

              Computer Requirements for  Telesis & Primus

  • Windows  XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 "Professional" version 32 or 64 Bit Operating System
  • Celeron or higher CPU;


  • 2 GB RAM
  • Available CD ROM Drive
  • 1 GB Minimum available Hard Drive space (to allow for database expansion)
  • USB Port


This software is INCLUDED with the purchase of a CTS Series instrument.

UPGRADE SYNERGY3D to Telesis: $995.00 If your clinic owns more than one MR Device; the second copy of the upgrade to Telesis is $295.00


PrimusTM Software

An abbreviated form of the Telesis (above)

Primus Software offers a clinic entry level software with the following features:

  • Password protection
  • Patient Privacy identifiers and protection
  • Audit Management
  • Electronic Medical Records (features of the Telesis Software)
  • Offers 3 basic application protocols and EMG wave form displays only. (A continuous display, and 2 Work/Rest protocols)
  • Primus still meets all the current compliance and regulatory standards required at this time and for the future.

ITEM NO.  9275      Description: Primus Software   PRICE: $495.00  2nd Copy: $445.00  3rd Copy: $395.00 
                                                                                                     4th Copy: $320.00
                                                        Primus Software is sold with one license software copy per unit.