Myotrac 3 Infiniti

Thought Technology, Ltd.  A highly sensitive dual channel (S)EMG biofeedback device with Software:
BioGraph Infiniti and The Rehab Suite. Great for general muscle rehab or incontinence applications!
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TTL Vaginal
EMG Sensor



TTL Rectal
EMG Sensor

T8820 ext1[1]


TTL 40"Patient Cable

MyoTrac 3TM Requires the use of one of the above sensor(s) or cable set for pelvic floor mm training.

More information on the Rehab Suite can be found on the TTL Software tab!

MyoTrac 3TM Product Information

The MyoTrac 3TM, the most recent addition to the Thought Technology, Ltd. family of Continence Training products.  The MyoTrac 3TM, with The Rehab Suite, allows clinicians the flexibility to customize applications for a diverse patient population.

A highly sensitive dual channel sEMG biofeedback device, the MyoTrac 3TM allows clinicians to monitor two muscle sites simultaneously.  Thought Technology, Ltd.'s exclusive Rehab Suite Software can be used with any laptop computer and Windows® '95 or '98 Vista, 7 for easy, portable monitoring.

Clinicians now have maximum flexibility to define their own evaluation protocols including:

  • preliminary and post baselines
  • rapid contractions (orflicks)
  • endurance conractions
  • number and duration of each repetition
  • work/rest exercises
  • customized protocols can be saved for future use

For research or clinical purposes, MyoTrac 3TM and Software provides extensive statistics to comprehensively evaluate muscle function including:

  • peak, average, standard deviation and coefficient of variation
  • average onset of peaks (muscle recruitment)
  • average release (muscle recovery)
  • work, amplitude decline (muscle fatigue)

Computer Requirements: for version 6.0 (July, 2013)



 System Components:

The MyoTrac 3 basic package includes the following hardware:

  • One two-channel MyoTrac 3? encoder unit
  • 2 EMG Cables
  • One TT-USB interface unit
  • One supply of fiber-optic cable (15' cables)
  • Internal Sensors or Additional Extender Cables may be purchased separately
  • Two alkaline AA Batteries
  • Carrying Case