Myotrac Infiniti - Now the MyOnyx!

Myotrac Infiniti has been replaced with the Bluetooth enabled MYONYX!
The MyOnyx is available as a stand-alone (Basic) and computerized (Extended)!
Read below for the details! MyOnyx Basic (Item Number: T9000) Price:$1800.00
MyOnyx Extended (Item Number: T9030) Price:$2800.00)
See details below.

MyOnyx Basic Features:


Standalone mode
Remote Control mode (Does not include Tablet)
1 MyOnyx device
4 EMG/STIM 2 lead cables with DIN connectors
1 patient drive lead
Medical grade power supply
4 DIN to snap adapters
Electrode samples (3 Unigel & 1 AxelGaard STIM  electrode)
MyOnyx hardware manual
MyOnyx App (Available on Google Play)

 MyOnyx Extended (Includes Software for Computer Interface)
Click the image below to see several snapshots of the Rehab Solution Software
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MyOnyx Extended Features:
Standalone mode
Remote Control mode
PC Control mode (Tablet & Computer not included)
All the components of the Basic package
BioGraph Infiniti (Ver. 6.7) & Developer Tools (Software Platform)
MyOnyx Rehab Solution (Software application)

Hardware Specs

Wireless connectivity to Android tablets and Windows PCs via Bluetooth
8 GB of internal memory to save client sessions and custom protocols
4 inputs with multiple combinations of SEMG and ESTIM channels
Inputs A & B can be set for EMG or STIM
Inputs C & D are for STIM only
Separate patient drive lead for shared ground
Comes with preset ESTIM programs
Dual Exercise mode allows you to run two STIM programs at the same time
Allows users to edit/customize ESTIM programs
Ability to run STIM sessions without selecting a client (tap and go)
Inside the device, raw EMG is sampled 2048 times/second
In the Android app, EMG is displayed in RMS
The MyOnyx Rehab Solution can display EMG raw or RMS


Vaginal Sensor for sEMG only
Fits directly into the U-Control or the Myotrac Infiniti


Rectal Sensor for SEMG only
Fits directly into the U-Control or MyoTrac Infiniti

Above Sensors are for (S)EMG Only for U-Control or Myotrac Infiniti (Not compatible with MyOnyx)

Rectal sEMG & E. Stim sensor fits into the Myotrac Infiniti and MyOnyx


Vaginal sEMG & E.stim sensor fits into Myotrac Infiniti and MyOnyx

Above (S)EMG & E.Stim sensor are compatible with Myotrac Infiniti & MyOnyx

Snap Leads for U-Control or Myotrac Infiniti
40" Cables
16" Cables
27" Cables


Pin & Snap
Leads for Myotrac Infiniti
56" Cable Kit

(Above) Pin Leads for MyOnyx #SA9391 $55.00
(Channels A,B,C,D)
(Below) Patient Drive Lead for MyOnyx #SA9393 $20.00
1.5m DIN to SNAP Cable


For Myotrac Infiniti or MyOnyx
Adapter 4/pkg)

#MI1050 (For Myotrac Infiniti)
Rechargeable AAA 
Battery Pack

#SA9807NA (For Myotrac Infiniti) A/C Adapter - Battery Charger
(Pictured above) #SA9001 (For MyOnyx) 15W 5V Multiplug Medical Grade Power S


MyOnyx BasicTM and MyOnyx ExtendedTM  gives you quick and easy access to a wide variety of modalities, with state-of-the-art advanced features:

Electrostimulation: 4 channels of fully customizable powerful stimulation

SEMG Surface Electromyography: 2 channels of 2048s/s raw signal. A plethora of feedback types and options: games, music, and animations. Simple or detailed reviewing, editing and reporting features. Measure patient muscle activation efforts, and teach relaxation, activation or fine motor control with the power of Biofeedback

ETS EMG-Triggered Stimulation: state of the art modality allows patients to start a task actively, and be assisted by electrostimulation once reaching a set threshold, thereby rewarding effort with movement and promoting neuroplasticity

Clinicians  have maximum flexibility to define their own evaluation protocols including:

  • preliminary and post baseline
  • rapid contractions (or flicks)
  • endurance contractions
  • number and duration of each repetition
  • work/rest exercises
  • customized protocols can be saved for future use

For research or clinical purposes, the Rehab Suite Software 
provides extensive statistics to comprehensively evaluate muscle function including:

  • peak, average, standard deviation and coefficient of variation
  • average onset of peaks (muscle recruitment)
  • average release (muscle recovery)
  • work, amplitude decline (muscle fatigue)

Computer Requirements for Version 6.0 (July, 2013)