PDUOTM Pathway DUO  
The DUOTM is a combination of uroflow and two channels of EMG and is an excellent screening tool for more complex urodynamic studies.
Adult and pediatric testing protocols include: Flow,Volume, Pelvic and Accessory Muscle EMG. Indicated for: Frequency, Urgency, Nocturia, Incontinence, Retention, Pelvic Pain Syndromes, Recurrent UTI’s, Constipation and Dribbling. 

Item No. PDUO-N                      Price: $11,275.00

The PDUO-NTM Includes:

One Pathway DUO Module consisting of one Channel of Vaginal and Rectal Intracavity EMG or external Pelvic Muscle EMG, One Channel of Accessory Muscle EMG, One Channel of Vaginal and Rectal Electrical Stimulation, One channel of Rectal Pressure Manometry, One channel of Uroflowmetry Volume and One Channel of Uroflowmetry Rate.

Includes one Notebook Computer, One Wireless Mouse, One Color Inkjet Printer, One 24" HDMI Monitor with Stand, Power Supply, 2 USB Serial Interface Cables, One Uroflowmetry Load Cell, One Battery Charger, One Pathway DUO USB Flash Drive Software Program, One Pathway DUO Operator's Guide and Starter Accessory Package*

*Starter Accessory Package includes:

(6) Disposable Lead Wire Electrodes Sample Packets (7400)
(1) Channel A 10' Interface Cable for 7400 Disposable Lead Wire Electrodes (7300)
(1) Channel B 10' Interface Cable for 7400 Disposable Lead Wire Electrodes (7300)
(1) 2000ml Pitcher (ML)
(1) Uroflowmetry Stand (US)
(1) Uroflowmetry Funnel (UFN)
(4)  Pathway® Vaginal EMG/Stimulation Sensor (Part #6330)
(2)  Pathway® Rectal EMG/Stimulation Sensor (Part #6340)
(4)  Pathway® Rectal Silicon Pressure Sensor (Part #6425)
(1)  10ml Syringe
Controlling the DUOTM is a dramatically unique and NEW software acquisition and reporting platform.

Software Features include:

  • Restricted Login, Patient Record Sorts, Privacy and Unique Identifiers
  • Issues, Histories and Procedures
  • Adult and Pediatric Symptom Scoring
  • Complete Chart Note Documentation
  • Automated Report Generation.
  • Instant on-screen Graph Analysis with Interactive Cursors