The Fourth Generation now includes all of these applications:

SWMuscle Rehab Suite

Muscle Rehabilitation Suite - sEMG Applications
For both C2+6 and C2+12
2 or 4 EMGs are used, plus Temp & Conductance & Respiration.

Special EMG Assessments for:
Simple EMG screens for simple squeeze-release, co-contraction &
muscle fatigue feedback. 


Physiological Stress Profile
For Both C2+6 & C2+12

NeuroPhysiological Stress Profile
For C2+12 Only


Classic EMG/Temp/Skin Conductance Feedback

Heart Rate/Respiration/HRV Feedback 
Includes the original Gevirtz-Lehrer version

Neurofeedback Suite
C2+ 6 has 2 EEGs, C2+12 has both 2 EEG & 4 EEG applications;
Two additional 'mono' EEG electrodes required for 4 EEG.

Used to train brainwave up or down, or to balance brainwaves at 
different sites. The goal is to shape brainwaves into a Target Zone. 

NeuroTherapy Suite - Alpha-Theta
For both C2+6 & C2+12
Only 1 EEG is used, plus Temp, Skin Conductance & Respiration.

Used to train awareness of feeling states associated with reflective
brainwave states. Other tools like hand-warming, breathing
and ADD/Adhd protocols are also used to increase awareness of
internal states. Used as a tool, a subset of desensitization in

SWSwingle Quick

Single Quick Q - EEG Scanning
For C2+12 Only
Provides a 6 minute scan of 5 EEG sites, compared to
a database of 7000.

Not recommended for true head-injury, but is otherwise
a stable, valid test of neurophysiological connectivity.

Add-On Software Applications:


Incontinence Pro
Complete Medicare Compatible sEMG Pelvic Muscle Program & Report Maker
For both C2+6 & C2+12

Item Number: Incontinence Pro


Price: $395.00