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Current Technology, Inc. has closed after many wonderful years. We would like to thank you all for your past business. It has been an extreme pleasure to engage with you as you began or continued your efforts to help patients in your chosen Rehabilitation environment.
We wish you the best in your continued dedication to serving your patients and improving their quality of life.
Our website will remain active for the time being to assist you with the item numbers and product descriptions.
If you would like to contact our company, please email
For all other contact information, please see below:

When you need to purchase clinical products and supplies, or have questions about current equipment; please contact the major manufacturers below:
The Prometheus Group - Pathway Products - Biofeedback / E. Stim / Ultrasound
TR-10, TR-10C, TR-20, TR-20C, MR-10, MR-15, MR-20, MR-25, EMYO, CTS1500, CTS2000
Surface Electrodes: #6801, #7400, 
Internal Electrodes: #6320, #6330 and #6340
Cables and required adapters for all devices above
The Prometheus Group
Sales: 800-442-2325
Tech Support: 800-272-8492


Thought Technology, Ltd
sEMG and Multi-Modality Biofeedback Systems:
U-Control, Myotrac, Myotrac Infiniti, MyOnyx, ProComp5, Procomp Infiniti

Surface Electrodes:  #T3402, #T3425
Internal Electrodes: #T6050, #T6051, #SA9571, #SA9572
Cables and required adapters for all devices above
Thought Technology, Ltd.
Sales and Technical Support: 800-361-3651


When you have a patient that would benefit from a home rental program for Biofeedback or E.Stim, please see below:
S.A. Maher, Inc.
Tel: 440-777-5094
Fax: 440-777-5544


With deep appreciation ~
Maureen - Current Technology, Inc.