The Ergonomic Suite is designed to operate with the ProComp Infiniti, ProComp+, FlexComp Infiniti and ProComp2 systems which support BioGraph Infiniti software with channels sets to maximize the features of each.

Thought Technology’s physiological data acquisition systems provide the optimal tools for monitoring and analysis of physiology during man-machine interaction. Whatever your needs are, we have a system for you:
A full range of precision sensing devices (SEMG, goniometer, force, EKG and more)!

 Multimodality systems combining 2, 8 or 10 channels
with optional telemetry.
Powerful software for recording, reviewing 

The Ergonomics Suite has been designed for Ergonomic applications including screens for:

  • Force
  • Dual Axis Goniometers
  • 2 Single Axis Finger Goniometers and/or Single Axis Torsiometers for measuring rotation in one direction.
  • Record 2-10 channels of SEMG for biofeedback or research
  • Record and save raw SEMG at 2048 sample/second or RMS SEMG at 256 samples/second, along with force and goniometry adapters.
  • Replay and Review your SEMG raw data (RMS, Raw, Median Frequency and Spectral),on any one of over 100 display screens.
  • Each specialized display screen offers a world of choice including complete statistics that can be viewed and reviewed in real time.
  • Video from one web camera can be displayed with the measures being recorded, to show muscle activity synchronized with movement.

Goniometers and Torsiometers are interchangeable in the software.
The screens offer a variety of ways of displaying and measuring SEMG, gonimeter/torsiometer and force including:

  • single and multi line graphs for SEMG,
  • gonoimeter/torsiometer and force,
  • scales for force,
  • animations as well as
  • dual screens displaying linegraphs on one and video on the other.
  • In addition, tonal feedback and color changes are used in various screens to indicate change or threshold crossings.

There are a number of screens for arms, wrists, hands, knees and legs indicating force or goniometer/torsiometer sensor placement to measure:

  • extension/flexion and
  • abduction/adduction,
  • displaying the angle in degrees and video to show actual movement in correlation with the values.
  • A graphic display of the hand is used to indicate where the force sensors should be placed with corresponding statistics for the total force of the hand with the Max, Min, and Mean values for the force of each finger displayed from the linear transform algorithm.
  • This enables the user to calibrate and set the unit of measures for each sensor.
  • A variety of review screens with linegraphs with statistics are also included to easily evaluate the client’s performance.

Ergonomics for the FlexComp Infiniti has 6 channel sets and 40 screens for flexible and reliable multi-channel SEMG recording.

The 6 channel sets give you the power to connect up to:

  • 10 MyoScan-Flex sensors for SEMG recording or
  • a combination of 6 MyoScan-Flex sensors and 4 single-axis goniometers,
  • 5 force sensor adapters, a single goniometer and 1 twin-axis goniometer with 5 force sensors,
  • 6 MyoScan-Flex with 2 force sensor adapters and 2 goniometer adapters,
  • 10 force sensor adapters, or
  • 10 single-axis goniometer adapters.

The Ergonomics suite provides general positioning and specific screens for back, arm and leg placements of 6 channels of SEMG, 2 goniometers and 2 force.

 Ergonomics for the ProComp Infiniti includes 7 channel sets and 38 screens for multi-channel raw and RMS SEMG, combined with force sensors, goniometers and torsiometers.

The 7 channel sets are as follows:

  • 6 SEMG and 2 goniometers for legs,
  • 4 goniometers for legs,
  • 5 force and 3 goniometers or
  • 5 force or
  • 4 SEMG, 2 Goniometers and 2 force or
  • 8 channels of force calibration and
  • a channel set for 8 channels of goniometer calibration.

 Ergonomics for the ProComp+ encoder includes 7 channel sets and 38 screens for 6 or 4 channels of SEMG and Goniometer and/or Force.
Each of the 7 different channel sets allows for a different use of the ProComp+.

  • The first 2 channel sets in the suite allow you to calibrate the goniometers, force sensors or torsiometers.
  • The third channel set is for monitoring dual leg activity and angle and
  • a fourth channel set is for using 4 goniometer channels (i.e. for angle measurement of the knee and ankle).
  • one for 5 channels of force,
  • another for 5 channels of force with 3 goniometers,
  • and a general channel set for 4 SEMG RMS channels, with 2 force sensors and 2 goniometers.

Ergonomics for the ProComp2 provides you with 2 channel sets and 31 screens for you to use with 1 and 2-channel SEMG applications that use the ProComp2 with 1, or 2 SEMG, force, goniometer or torsiometer sensors in various combinations. Goniometer screens provide speed, acceleration, min and max of the signal in digital displays and line graphs.