BioFun series of video games and toy interfaces to help the player become healthier by teaching strategies of self-regulation and developing voluntary control.   

Colorful, engaging flash games for general biofeedback, neurofeedback and muscle rehabilitation.

"Travel the World" Game:

You are invited to participate in the competitition: A prestigious hot air balloon race inspired by Jules Verne’s classic novel! Control a balloon with your physiology and fly over famous cities such as Vancouver, Hong Kong, Moscow, Cairo, Paris, Montreal and New York. Do not limit up and reach the stars!

"PhysioRacer – MyoRacer – NeuroRacer" Game:

Three variations on the same theme you guide a craft in a path using your physiology. Choose a character, a race car driver, a spy flying a stealth plane, a submarine in a secret mission, a clown fish or even a super hero.

Details for each Suite:

Physiology Suite

Train to relax or take control of your HRV while flying around the world in a balloon. Drive, fly or dive and boost up your engine using physiological control!

EEG Suite & Z-Score Mini-Suite

Train your brain with NeuroRacer – a fun and engaging racing game.

Provides contingent, relevant feedback, as vehicle speed, track size and obstacles are directly controlled by EEG activity. Avoid obstacles and receive points in reward conditions, while discouraging artifacts and inhibit band activity.

Rehab Suite & Continence Suite

Fly a balloon while working your muscles. Gain control over your muscles and movements while swimming like a fish, piloting a race car, or even flying like a super hero!