Home Rental Program

Current Technology:

  • Provides a Variety of Home Training Devices
  • Conducts Patient Follow Up
  • Accepts All Major Credit Cards
  • Bills Private Party Payers*
  • Provides Free Shipping

*With Prior Authorization (See Forms)

All Major Credit Cards

Home Rental Program Description

  • Current Technology, Inc. provides single and dual channel Surface EMG units and Pathway STM-10 and Liberty Electrostimulation units for your patient’s home use.
  • Call 1-800-322-4461 or 763-588-2155 to order a unit or FAX your Order Form to 763-588-0066.
  • A unit will be delivered to your facility and will contain the appropriate paperwork to be completed by you and signed by the patient. You may keep a copy for your chart, give a copy to the patient and mail the top (white) copy to Current Technology, Inc. in the self-addressed envelope.
  • Current Technology, Inc. will bill the patient on a monthly basis, beginning with the "release date" written on the above mentioned paperwork.
  • Current Technology, Inc. will bill the third party payer if Prior Authorization has been obtained. You may FAX a Request for Prior Authorization form to us and we will notify you about the outcome.
  • Note: Unfortunately, Insurance Companies Do Not Guarantee Payment And The Patient Needs To Know They Will Be Responsible For Payment To Current Technology, Inc. If Necessary.
  • If the third party payer does not cover the item, and the patient would like the device on a "self-pay" basis, we will bill them directly. (Credit card is required to process the order).
  • Current Technology, Inc. will contact the patient regarding questions about the operation of the device, insurance status, additional supplies (if applicable) and the status of their rental (continuing or discontinuing).
  • When patients wish to discontinue rental, they may return the device to your facility (if acceptable to you) and we will arrange the pick-up. Please call Current Technology, Inc. upon return so that we can stop the billing as well as facilitate the pick-up process. WE CAN ALSO ARRANGE THE PICK-UP FROM YOUR PATIENT’S HOME OR OFFICE – THEY CAN CALL 1- 800-322-4461 – Current Technology, Inc. INCURS THESE SHIPPING CHARGES.